How to Create Files and Folders Starting with Dot and no file extension in Windows Explorer

Published: 16 September 2017
Author: Jared Holgate
Category: Tips
Tags: Windows Explorer,NPM,npmrc

The Problem

Have you ever needed to create a .npmrc file or another file or folder that starts with a dot and hit an issue when you tried it in Windows Explorer?

If you've tried it, you will see this infuriating error in Windows Exlporer You must type a file name.;

You must type a file name.

You've probably given up at that point and resorted to doing it through the command line.

The Solution

Well there's an easy way round it, add a dot at the end, so .npmrc becomes .npmrc.. Windows Explorer then automatically removes the dot at the end and you are good to go.

Solution Part 1

Solution Part 2

Simple when you know how!